EMT injured after truck plows through wreck scene

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Police are looking for the driver who severely injured an EMT and several other people in Grand Prairie someone in a pickup truck plowed through a group of bystanders at a wreck.

The EMT sustained a traumatic brain injury, broken ribs, lacerated liver and other injuries when he was hit. But it seemed everyone jumped into action to help the injured and save the young father of two's life.

Since the moment Shiloh Terrell got the call her husband, Dalton, was hurt, she feared she would lose him. But as battered and bruised as he is, the EMT has come a long way since the incident.

“The last thing I remember was working with my partner and talking to him on the side of the first accident,” Dalton said. “And then I woke up in ICU.”

Dalton was one of the EMTs on duty at the Yello Belly Dragstrip in Grand Prairie Sunday night when a there was a wreck just outside the gates. Dalton and his partner went to help when another truck plowed into the scene.

A Facebook user recording the aftermath of the first wreck was recording when the second accident happened. Bystanders rushed to push the second vehicle off of Dalton.

“The wheel was actually on his chest,” said Good Samaritan Byron Dowdy. “That's why I'm really amazed he's still here because that was like a freak accident.”

Dowdy was at the drag strip that night. And while another ambulance was on its way, he found Dalton's phone, called his family and stayed with him, checking on the injured EMT all week.

“The grace of god kept him here,” said Dowdy. “I come to find out he had two little ones.”

Dalton still has a long recovery ahead. He had to have surgery to repair a torn artery in his brain. But his neurosurgeon said the young father's prognosis is good.

“I really appreciate everybody that helped and everybody that lended a hand,” Dalton said.

“There are good people who do things completely selflessly with no expectation of anything in return,” said Shiloh.

The driver responsible for injuring all those people is on the run. Grand Prairie police say they have a good idea of who the driver is and just have to find him to make the arrest.

Dalton's family was told the company did not have worksman's comp insurance. So they will be financially responsible for Dalton's hospital stay. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with medical bills.