East Texas family meets son's organ donation recipients

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An East Texas family met the five people whose lives were saved by their son through organ donation.

19-year-old Esaul Flores took his own life in September 2018 shortly after losing his brother in an accident.

The decision to donate his organs turned his family's double tragedy into a source of healing.

The five people whose lives were saved by Esaul's gift of donation met his family in Dallas for the first time on Tuesday.

"God has given me very big shoes and task to fill because he said he'll always carry you in his heart and now I'm carrying you," said Veronica Rogers-Campbell, the heart recipient.

"It's a lot of happiness to still have a piece of him continue to live on," said Rebecca Flores, Esaul's mom.

"The only words I can come up with is I'm eternally grateful and I can't thank you enough because I can't," said Michele Keller, the lung recipient.

All five organ recipients are said to be in good health.

If you want to become an organ donor, registering is as easy as checking a box when you renew your driver's license.