East Dallas man honored for rescuing people from fiery crash

An East Dallas man was honored by the Texas Department of Public Safety after rescuing three people from a burning car.

Like any other day, Guillermo Parades hopped in his car and headed off to work early on a Sunday morning in November. But as he headed down the George Bush Turnpike, his day took an unexpected turn.

“I saw and I heard that something crashed between the concrete post and the wall,” said Parades.

The driver of a Toyota Scion had lost control and the car spun out, crashing into nearby barriers with three people still inside.

Parades immediately leapt into action and helped two women out of the burning car.

“When I looked back to see if somebody else was in the car, I saw another girl that was really injured,” said Parades.

Then he went back for a man who was stuck on the passenger side.

With the fire quickly spreading around them Parades said he and another man, who he only remembers as Mr. Hernandez, worked together to pull the last person from the car to safety.

“If we left the guy inside the car, for sure he will die,” said Parades. “So we just pulled him up.”

Through the whole thing, Parades says he never thought of his own life, only for his daughters and the people inside that car.

“I didn't feel fear,” said Parades. “I didn't feel like a hero. I don't feel like anything. Just the reaction was help to the people.”

Though Parades says he hasn't spoken to the people he saved since the accident, he's glad to know they're alive. And he'd do it all over again, no questions asked.

All three involved in the accident survived. DPS says one of them was left partially paralyzed from the accident. The driver of the car was cited for failing to drive in a single lane.