Dying man's wish is to find good homes for his dogs

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When he was fifty years old, Bobby Lynn Brockman was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It went into remission for eleven months but then returned with a vengeance. It returned in Brockman’s mouth and he had to have his tongue removed.

“I don’t have no tongue no more,” said Brockman.

Then Brockman underwent 110 radiation treatments and twelve rounds of chemotherapy.

The cancer is now in his bones.

“There is no cure for it, there’s no cure,” added Brockman. “They sent me home with pain medication and gave me a hospital bed.”

Brockman knows his days are numbered and his greatest concern is what will happen to his dogs.

“Yeah, those dogs are like family to me,” described Brockman. “They’re my kids.”

Brockman is a single guy who lives alone.

“They adopted me more than I adopted them,” said Brockman. He has four large dogs, one who just delivered puppies. Another other one is expecting.

Brockman also has three little dogs that sleep with him.

“They will be here till I die,” said Brockman. His dying wish is to find good homes for the larger dogs and the puppies.

“It would mean everything in the world to know they’re going to be happy and have someone love them and take care of them,” said Brockman.

“We’ve got to find a way to help him, we’ve just got to,” said Karen Wakefield with Adopt a Rescue Friend. She is hoping to at least find foster families for Brockman’s dogs.

“I miss 'em already and they ain’t even gone yet,” said Brockman.