Dwaine Caraway's Thanksgiving tradition continues as he awaits federal prison sentencing

As Thanksgiving approaches, disgraced Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway is awaiting his upcoming sentencing to federal prison.

On Monday, he continued his holiday tradition.

The former mayor pro-tem pleaded guilty in August to accepting bribes to vote for a controversial Dallas County Schools measure. On Monday, Caraway was in Lancaster helping provide for the less fortunate.

This is the tenth year that Caraway has carried out his Thanksgiving giveaway and the first time we've heard from him since his guilty plea.

Flashing a smile and posing for pictures at Gators Barbecue in Lancaster, Caraway was part of a Thanksgiving feed and giveaway for some 200 people.

The food was prepared at Gators Barbecue. The restaurant’s owner, David Lewis, died in February. Lewis and Caraway annually held the Thanksgiving giveaway at Big-T Bazaar. This year, it was scaled at the restaurant his children are now operating.

At the event, Caraway would not talk about his fate in his corruption cased. He wanted to focus on doing for others.

“There are people that are so less fortunate than us, and we found that this is something that we got to do,” Caraway said. “A true heart is gonna always do regardless of the situation and circumstances that I might face at this particular time to do what’s right. This is God-given, and this is the right thing to do.”

People were fed. Those who signed up in advance received turkeys for their own Thanksgiving dinner.

Caraway's sentencing is set for February. How much he tells the government and helps in the investigation will factor in how long he is sentenced to federal prison.