Duncanville ISD encouraging former students who didn’t graduate to return

Duncanville ISD administrators are on a mission to reach out to high school seniors who should have graduated last year but didn't.

Administrators made home visits on Thursday to about 25 former Duncanville ISD students. 

The district says it wants those students who came so close to completing their high school careers with a diploma to finish out their coursework.

School leaders say they understand how the pandemic negatively impacted school and work-life for some.

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"We want them to know that no matter what circumstances you've had in your life, there are people at Duncanville ISD who care about you," said Pace High School Principal Tijuana Hudson. "And we are going to be on a mission to complete your high school diploma."

School leaders also provided information about Pace High School’s programs which offer in-person instruction as well an accelerated, online curriculum.