Dude Perfect's new headquarters will let you do your own trick shots

YouTube superstars Dude Perfect are opening a new $100 million headquarters that will let their fans make amazing shots of their own.

The ten-acre facility, called ‘Trick Shot Town’ has an architect in place.

"The dudes are enormously creative by nature, and they have been thinking about this for a number of years," said architect Bryan Trubey. "It has been an amazing journey to be able to put the vision for this together in physical form."

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The Dude Perfect crew started as roommates at Texas A&M and built a YouTube following of more than 58 million subscribers based on their crazy sports trick shots.

The proposed headquarters features floors worth of games and stunts. The main part of the complex is a 330-foot "impossible shot" tower. 

"We decided to take the iconic stunt that really caused them to go viral in the early part of their careers, with the impossible shot. So we felt like if we put an iconic form to that, a physical form to the iconic stunt that really created their whole movement that has created their empire for them, essentially, we felt like that was the first right thing to do," said Trubey.

In addition to the building, the space includes a 5-acre outdoor ‘park-like' entertainment area.

Dude Perfect is currently headquartered in Frisco, but at this point the permanent location for the new HQ has not been announced.

Over the next few weeks the company is expected to focus on a short-list of cities that have shown interest in the facility.

"We're very focused on acquiring the right public park, the right city, the right community, that really wants to be a part of what is essentially one of the most trusted brands in family entertainment," said Trubey.