Duck Dynasty star's pre-race prayer at Texas Motor Speedway gets mixed reactions

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Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is known for his outspoken views, and his invocation at Saturday’s Duck Commander 500 was just that.

The prayer, that sounded much like a political speech, garnered mixed reactions.

During his prayer, the outspoken and unapologetic Robertson called for a “Jesus man in the White House”.

"if you think you might be offended you don't need to come to NASCAR," said fan Kerri Bates.

Many others we spoke with, like Lesley Dathe, felt the same way “everybody's afraid of hurting everyone's feelings. It's freedom of speech I think you should be able to say what you want".

SMU Political Science Professor, Matthew Wilson also weighed in on the controversy, “What it speaks to is the fact that everything in our society today has become politicized.”

While admitting Robertson’s prayer was biased, Wilson says he doesn’t believe he crossed any lines.

“He didn't call out any particular groups, he didn't insult any particular populations, so if the mere mention of the support of gun rights, Christianity and the U.S. military is offensive to anybody they probably don't belong at a NASCAR race".

Most of the displeasure over the prayer was expressed via social media, but Kelley Earnhardt, daughter of NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, used it to express her support, calling it “the best, real honest prayer” she’s ever heard.