Driver rescued in Johnson County floodwaters

Firefighters had to rescue a driver who was stuck in high water in Johnson County Monday morning.

According to the Johnson County Office of Emergency Management, it happened around 8:30 a.m. on Country Road 1224, south of Highway 67 and west of Pat Cleburne Lake.

The vehicle ended up getting washed off the roadway and pushed up against the trees. Firefighters from Cleburne and Rio Vista used a rope to get to the driver and bring her back to dry ground.

"Of course she was very panicked, which anybody would be. The car actually did get swept downstream about 100 yards and then landed against some trees which held it, fortunately for her, in place," said Jamie Moore with Johnson County EM. 

The woman was cold but otherwise okay. She was taken to a nearby house to warm up and dry off.

Traffic reporter Chip Waggoner said all the rain is making for some dangerous conditions on the roadways in North Texas. Many are slick and some are completely underwater.

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