DPD seeks suspect in deadly hit-and-run outside popular dance hall

Dallas police are looking for witnesses to help them solve a hit-and-run murder that happened earlier this month.

Police say 23-year-old Jarred Ray was run over outside of Cowboys Red River on March 2 after getting into an argument just moments before.

Investigators don't have any surveillance video to release and say they've only been able to track down a few witnesses. They're hoping anyone who was there that night or has any cell phone video will come forward.

Chris Jae says it was supposed to be a fun night out for Ray and his friends. They had known each other for years.

“You don't go out thinking something like that is going to happen,” Jae said. “We were at Cowboys Red River dancing, drinking, having a good time. After we got a couple people, and we started walking to the vehicle. We're walking, and we hear someone yelling at Jarred.”

Police and witnesses say Ray was arguing with the suspect over a woman that the suspect wanted to go home with.

“That's what we believe he was trying to keep her from being harassed by someone she didn't want to go anywhere with,” said Dallas Police Det. Brent Maudlin.

Police say Ray threw a punch at the suspect, who was driving a light-colored SUV. It was possibly a Saturn.

“Then, I saw the guy just run him over.  I saw him head-on run him over right next to me two feet away from him,” Jae recalled. “Jarred is in the street. I'm on the sidewalk, and I see him run him over directly.”

Jae says it all happened so quickly that he could only tell the driver was a light-skinned Hispanic man. Ray spent six days in a coma before he died on March 8.

“I’m angry,” said Riccarera Chism, Ray’s mother. “I'm having a hard time going through the grieving process to focus on my son because I'm also having to pay investigative work.”

Police are especially interested in tracking down Good Samaritans who rushed to help.

“I would definitely like to talk to anybody that was there, especially two Marines that were there that helped the victim afterward,” Det. Maudlin said.

Chism says she won't give up until she finds who's responsible for her son’s death.

“To the young man who did this, brace yourself,” she warned. “Because as I stand here, Riccarera Eliza Ray Chism is coming for you and anyone else that is involved. And I will not let go until I get what I want. And at this point, it's justice.”

The detective on the case says he also wants to hear the suspect's side of the story.

Crime Stoppers and Cowboys Red River are offering a $15,000 reward for information in the case.