DPD looking for teens who kidnapped, robbed grandmother

Dallas police say three teenagers grabbed a grandmother at gunpoint and forced her into the back seat of her truck to withdraw money from an ATM.

Police released photos of the wanted attackers in hopes of catching them.

Brenda Kappos says she was held captive in her truck at gunpoint for only 45 minutes, but it felt like several hours before she was able to escape.

While she was in Dallas to meet her new grandchild, Kappos was unloading some things from her truck in front of the Olympus Apartments on Ross Avenue when she was caught off guard.

“I bent over to get my suitcase and all of a sudden had pistol guns on either side of me,” she recalled. “These kids were young. They were children.”

What unfolded next for Kappos was nearly an hour of terror.

“They had a gun in my back and one at each side and started shoving me in the back, told me to get into the car or I was dead,” she said.

Kappos says they drove around Old East Dallas to nearby townhomes to show off the truck they stole to someone. All the while, the captors were holding multiple guns at Kappos. Still, she says, she thought about trying to escape.

“He would look away out the window. And when he would look away, the gun would pull away a little,” she said. “He wouldn't have quite the grip on it that he had. And you would think this is my opportunity.”

The group ended up at a busy Wells Fargo bank on McKinney in Uptown where surveillance cameras captured images of the three kidnappers trying to use Kappo's card at an ATM. But she says they couldn't get her card to work.

Finally, the group drove to a dark area and the three abductors jumped out of the truck. Though Kappos survived, her nightmare is not over. Dallas police still need to find the three attackers who are still out there.

“I kept wondering, ‘When does this end?’” she said.

Kappos says the thieves took her purse, cell phone and suitcase.  She believes the incident may have been some kind of initiation because of the stop they made at the townhomes to show off the truck.