Sex offender in Mesquite kidnapping case found living near parks, schools

A child sex assault suspect was registered as a sex offender in Hunt County but had an address in Dallas County.

It's near the Dallas County address where Mesquite police say he tried to kidnap a girl.

Doyle Tipton is accused of picking up the 10-year-old in a car and trying to sexually assault her.

The girl got out of the vehicle and ran to a nearby fire station for help.

Tipton is registered as a "low risk" sex offender on Texas DPS’ sex offender registry website. Records show he reports annually and last reported in November. 

It appears Tipton was not living at the home he reported to state registry officials. Instead, he was living in an apartment complex near parks and schools and just blocks away from where he allegedly kidnapped a 10-year-old girl.

Arturo Cortez had no idea his neighbor was a registered sex offender since 2011 and is now accused of kidnapping a young girl last week.

"None. Honestly, I mean, he knows my kids. I got three boys and, no. I just told my wife, and she’s probably more shocked than me," he said.

The Mesquite Police Department says the 10-year-old girl ran away from home. The girl was walking near Gross Road and Ridgeview Street around midnight.


Registered sex offender accused of kidnapping Mesquite runaway girl

Mesquite police say they were alerted about an incident involving a young girl who had run away on June 6.

"And while she was out walking, she was picked up by a suspect in a red van," said Mesquite Police Officer Jolyn Lopez. 

The girl was trying to go back to her home in Mesquite. Tipton offered to take her there.

"She found out that the guy was not following her instructions, and he continued on into Dallas," Lopez said.

Police say Tipton touched her inappropriately, which resulted in a struggle. Tipton stopped the van on I-20 in Dallas, where the girl was able to get away and ran on foot.

Dallas police found the girl and took her to Fire Station No. 40 to get checked out. 

"Obviously, this is traumatic," Lopez said. "We’re glad that she has been returned to her parents."

Mesquite police took over the investigation.

"And the officers were able to check camera footage and check the area and locate the suspect," Lopez said.

Tipton was convicted of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old man in 2011. 

Texas DPS records indicate he lives in Hunt County, but FOX 4 uncovered a secondary address in Mesquite just two blocks away from where the 10-year-old girl was kidnapped. 

Mesquite police would not say if they are looking into Tipton for any other open cases.

"Our investigators first, right now, are trying to get all the details to investigate this one thoroughly," Lopez said.

The Mesquite apartment is across the street from a park and recreation center.

"Nothing but kids hang out here, the little parks and stuff," Cortez said. "We had no idea."


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Cortez says Lipton has lived there for years with his wife. No one answered when FOX 4 knocked on the door. 

Tipton has to stay registered as a sex offender for life. He’s classified as "low risk." He checks in annually, according to online records. 

"For you to find something out like that out of nowhere, it’s scary. It’s scary," Cortez said.

Neighbors wonder if Tipton’s Hunt County address listed on the sex offender registry is a diversion to an apartment he truly calls home.

"I’m speechless to be honest," Cortez said. "Just goes to show you don’t ever know anybody really."

Tipton has a lengthy criminal history, including multiple sex crimes, assault and robbery. He’s being transferred to the Dallas County jail. Bond has not been set.