Domestic violence suspect shot after firing at Denton police officers

Officers shot a man they said was holding a woman at gunpoint in Denton.

It happened early Wednesday morning at an apartment complex off Interstate 35 near Loop 288, near the Golden Triangle Mall.

Denton police said officers were called to the same apartment twice because a neighbor heard screaming and then gunfire. 

No one came to the door on the officers’ first visit but the second time they were able to make contact with a 39-year-old white male suspect.

Police said he refused to come out of the apartment and they heard what sounded like more gunfire.

As the officers called for backup, the suspect walked out of the apartment with one hand on a female and the other on a gun. He allegedly ignored orders to drop the weapon, pointed the gun at officers and shot at them, police said.

Two officers fired back, hitting the suspect twice in the lower abdomen. He is now being treated for his injuries.

The woman and the officers were not hurt.

"I think this highlights the ongoing dangers that we’re seeing with domestic violence calls and also with the firearm being involved. And him shooting at our police officers as they’re responding is also something to be highlighted as well," said Denton Police Chief Frank Dixon.

Mikel Watts lives next door.

"I was woken up by an officer yelling ‘Put the gun down!’" he recalled.

Watts says he could hear his neighbor shouting back and forth with the officers.

"He also screamed ‘eff you!’ whenever the cops did tell him to put the gun down," he recalled.

Amber Lewis took pictures from her window that show a man who appears to be the alleged shooter being loaded into the ambulance.

"It looked like he got shot in the abdomen and they had some bandages on him and you know he was just kind of laying there," she said.

Police say they believe the 39-year-old man and 29-year-old woman lived together in the apartment, but their relationship is unclear.

"It’s really unfortunate that it happened, but I’m really glad that the woman involved is okay," Lewis said.

Police have not yet released the name of the suspect. They did say the alleged shooter has a lengthy criminal history with multiple arrests. 

The chief said he will survive his injuries and face charges.

Both officers are on leave while the shooting is investigated.