Dog attacks 13-year-old boy at East Dallas apartment complex

A 13-year old boy is recovering after being attacked by a dog at his East Dallas apartment complex.

Witnesses said Jesus Galvon was playing in the complex’s courtyard with friends Monday night when the dog came out of nowhere and started attacking him. The attack happened just before 8:30 at the Lakewood apartments in the 5900 block of Gaston near Skillman.

The dog bit Galvon in the calf and thigh, leaving multiple bite wounds and requiring stitches on his leg. He said he has trouble walking.

“I kept on pushing him and I was trying to dunk him to get away from me,” Galvon said. “I was trying to break his neck, but he was too strong.

Galvon fought the dog off and ran to a nearby apartment for safety. A neighbor hit the dog with a broom as it tried to get into the apartment. Police used a taser on the dog when they arrived, killing it.

Galvon said the dog would have killed him had he not escaped.

“I’m very thankful they helped me,” Galvon said. “I could have been dead.”

The dog's owner was out of town at the time. Relatives were caring for the dog and were cited because it escaped from their yard. Police said criminal charges could be filed.