Displaced Dallas apartment complex residents search for new homes after crane collapse

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Residents displaced after severe weather on Sunday toppled a construction crane onto a Dallas apartment complex are still working on finding a new place to live.

Friday was the final day the operator of the Elan City Lights apartments distributed money to renters forced out by the accident. Plans to remove the crane are moving forward and local businesses are distributing donated supplies to help the 500 residents start over.

“It was really hard the first few days, I think I'm slowly recognizing we weren't hurt, everything can be replaced,” said displaced resident Rebecca Galentine.

Apartment managers have been giving out $100 a day to help residents get by. Others are also helping out. Local businesses like Jack Mason have opened up their doors in Deep Ellum to use as donation sites, collecting everyday items people might need.

“We had somebody who is a cancer patient who is travelling back and forth to get treatment every single day. Somebody came by and donated a bunch of Uber cards and we took all the Uber cards and gave it to that person so he could get to and from his chemo appointments,” said Craig Carter, co-founder, Jack Mason.

The donation site will move to Dallas Iron Fitness on Bryant Street in Old East Dallas over the weekend for affected residents to continue getting whatever they need.

“Listen we have stuff we've purchased here, we have stuff that's second hand but please come over and pick out whatever you want,” Carter said.

Rent My Wardrobe has set up shop at WeWork on Olive Street in Victory Park to offer free clothing rentals during the week.

“We wanted them to feel empowered and be able to integrate back into life as normal as possible and have opportunities to wear great pieces during their work day or during the weekend, going throughout the day. This is a way they can come, rent stuff, exchange it and for the next couple months have pieces just to have a rotating closet,” said Rachel Sipperley, Rent My Wardrobe.

Apartment management company Greystar told residents they've hired a disaster recovery contractor to pack up items from apartments that weren't damaged and put it in storage to be picked up starting July 15.

Greystar will start removing cars still in the parking garage on June 21, starting at the top floor and working their way down.

Dallas Fire-Rescue says the crane could be removed as early as this weekend or early next week.