Disabled Air Force veteran uses smart technology to improve his life

A disabled Air Force veteran is using smart technology to help himself and help others.

Jack Fanning served six tours in the Air Force, five in Afghanistan and one in Iraq, before he was paralyzed in a parachuting accident.

"I went from going gung-ho, 150 miles per hour every day of my life to not being able to use your arms or legs," Fanning said.

Fanning started the Brothers Keepers organization, which puts together retreats for other injured veterans and first responders to help heal emotional wounds.

"They have similar struggles so you end up opening up to that person and you talk about your experiences in combat and your experiences after your injury," he said.

Fanning uses technology to help himself with physical and mental challenges. He has a doorbell with a camera, a wheelchair that he can maneuver with his mouth and a phone that lets him lock doors, control the temperature and voice control devices that turn on the lights.

"Not being able to do things on your own can be depressing," Fanning said. "With the technology, it improves my mind greatly."

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