Dinosaur tracks found in Springtown creek

Rita Manning and her daughter went down to Walnut Creek in Springtown looking for arrow heads -- the dinosaur tracks they found took them a lot further back in time.

"Once we saw these we started looking around just saw more and more and more,” Manning said.

The find attracted Art Sahlstein who works with the Perot Museum.

"A Acrocanthasauras will have 3 fingers, is much older than a T-Rex it would be the great, great, great grandfather of T-Rex,” Sahlstein said.

The discovery by itself is amazing but what's especially unique is this appears to be a family of dinosaurs.

"Here a juvenile track and adult, sub-adult, adult, sub-adult all over, had a part down here 110 million years ago Acrocanthasauras just wandering around,” Sahlstein said.

People are already coming down to see the tracks. Like the dinosaur tracks at Glen Rose, this could be the next big attraction.

"It's just really cool to see where they stood put my number 14 next to one of theirs so much bigger than mine, he's telling me this creature was 9 foot at the shoulder and 30 foot long,” said Springtown Mayor Tom Clayton.