DFW Airport to install end-arounds to ease airplane traffic flow

DFW Airport wants to get rid of time spent stuck on the tarmac, so it’s installing roundabouts at the ends of runways that planes will use to quickly get to their gates.

The looped taxiways or end-arounds will be installed at all four corners of the airport, but it will take some time before the project is finished.

Right now there's only one on the South East side. It was built in 2008 and is used when planes land in a southbound direction. Instead of holding short between runways waiting on another flight to take off or land, pilots are directed by air traffic control to take the end-around without stopping to the gate.

The Department of Transportation announced Friday it will commit $180 million to the project.

New construction is currently underway on the second end-around on the northeast side of the airport. By the year 2025, two more end around taxiways will be built on the west side for a total of four. That means there would be available routes around all seven of the airport's runways.

Aviation expert Denny Kelly, who investigates aviation crashes and accidents, says the fewer planes crossing runways on their way to the gate -- the better.

"It's easy to make a mistake and everything they're doing building these taxiways all the technology they have is to keep airplanes apart when they're taxing and when they're taking off, period,” Kelly said.

DFW Airport officials say the end around taxiways are safer. In the long run, they are expected to reduce the time passengers spend waiting on the tarmac.