Detroit woman avoids jail after toddler abuse caught on video

A Detroit woman was sentenced to 5 year's probation after she was caught on camera repeatedly kicking and pushing her toddler on a sidewalk.

Warning: The video above is graphic, we caution viewer discretion.

Rolaunda Paul, 30, accepted a plea deal for fourth degree child abuse, a misdemeanor, after video of her abusing her son surfaced. In the video, the woman and her 2-year-old son were walking on Minden Street near Detroit City Airport on April 10. 


It appears she intentionally trips the toddler and kicks him while he's on the ground. She then kicks him again -- so hard he falls out of his shoes. The surveillance video, taken outside an apartment complex, also shows Paul picking him up, shaking him and smacking him in the face.

Paul was taken into custody after officers were shown the video. She had originally been charged with second-degree felony child abuse.
FOX 2 spoke with her sister back in April, who said Paul would never do anything to hurt him.

"I've never seen her like that before," McDonald said. "She has to be going through something. She is a very phenomenal woman; she will give you the shirt off her back," said Daisha McDonald. 

Police say if you see something like this you should always report it.