Detroit area restaurant selling $60 tacos

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A Metro Detroit eatery is doubling down on gourmet food with a $60 taco.

That's right. A $60 taco can be yours at a Dearborn restaurant - as long as you call ahead.

M Cantina on Michigan Avenue unveiled the pricey meal that isn't your standard beef and cheese taco. This expensive dish comes with wagyu beef, foie gras, caviar, and black truffles. 

So far, the restaurant has sold a few of these already. Head chef, and creator of the pricey taco, Junior Merino says it's worth it.

"M Cantina is all about the experience, the discovery of the senses, of the flavors, and also the ingredients and seeing things that people, a lot of times, haven't seen," Merino said.

Believe it or not, it even gets more expensive: you can't order just one taco, you have to order in threes. You also have to call 8 hours in advance since the restaurant doesn't keep the expensive ingredients on hand.