DeSoto HS students frustrated over backup graduation plan

The rain could leave some families of DeSoto High School seniors outside of the graduation venue.

The ceremony was originally planned to be outdoors with unlimited seating for guests. But due to the strong chance of rain, it’s expected to be moved indoors to a church with limited seating. Some parents say the school district should’ve had a better backup plan.

The field and stage are set at DeSoto High's Eagle Stadium. But now there's concern among some graduating seniors with big families and long guest lists.

Frustration has set in because forecasted rain on Thursday could strictly limit how many get to attend the ceremony.

"I have family coming down here from Houston,” said student Kierra Houston. “And I have to try to decide... it's going to be a hard decision for me.”

The district's back up plan is Friendship West Baptist Church. Several fear it’s a tight fit for the class of 622 students, and it means six guests per graduate as opposed to unlimited guests at the stadium.

"We're upset! What do we tell them? You can't go?” one student said “I haven't told them anything yet, because I want this resolved. I don't want to call people up and say, ‘Oh, you can't come to the graduation.’"

"Dallas weather is crazy and we've known this since we've been here,” said student Nyya Dennis. “Like what wouldn’t you have a good plan B?"

The school district recognizes the contingency plan is a compromise.

"Either way we're going to try to make it a memorable occasion, enjoyable for them as we possibly can,” said Superintendent Dr. David Harris.

Still, some are feeling slighted.

"It just doesn't make sense,” said student Jasmine Jackson. “It’s really bothering me. I have to tell them they can't come.”

The school says they will reevaluate the weather and hope to make a final decision by 2 p.m. Thursday. If the ceremony is held at the church, the school plans to set up a livestream for family members to watch from any location.