DeSoto church members honor healthcare heroes

Members of a DeSoto church came together to honor healthcare workers fighting the coronavirus.

It’s always worth remembering those who are putting themselves at risk every day to defeat the coronavirus and keep people safe.

That’s why the members of the Community Missionary Baptist Church in DeSoto showed up outside Charlton Methodist Medical Center in Dallas Wednesday morning.

They gave doctors, nurses and hospital support staff a cheerful welcome to start the day.

“It’s so important to recognize our healthcare workers and everything they do for us. They are unsung heroes. What they are going through putting themselves in harm’s way taking care of our COVID patients but there’s still so many other things going on,” said Duncanville Mayor Barry Gordon.

In addition to cheers, the church members brought signs expressing their gratitude, love and support even for those whose job it is to clean the hospital, sit with patients or help in other ways.

One hospital staffer said it really means a lot.

“It was awesome. My heart is just overwhelmed,” said Julie Sanders, a hospital worker. “We appreciate it everybody who appreciates us no matter what part of the hospital system we work in.”

Sr. Pastor Oscar Epps said the congregation will be serving up a delicious lunch for the people who work at the hospital later in the day.

“When I shared what we wanted to do with people they wanted to partner. As a result of partnering we were able to do the entire hospital plus some retirement homes,” he said.

Epps said that thanks to the turnout from the church members and others, there was a similar welcome event at a couple of DeSoto retirement homes.