Deputy-involved shooting in Denton County leaves 1 dead

The Texas Rangers are investigating after a man who was reportedly threatening people inside a home with a shotgun was killed in a deputy-involved shooting in Denton County Saturday morning.

Two deputies responded at about 7 a.m. to an emergency call at a home in the 600 block of Boswell Crossing in Lantana.

Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphree confirmed that a 61-year-old man from Fate was pronounced dead following the shooting. No deputies were injured and no other injuries were reported.

"In my opinion, they did what they're paid to do. It's unfortunate anytime there's a loss of life. I hate it. But, I'm thankful the residents are safe and my officers are safe," Murphree said.

A 911 caller told dispatchers they had just walked into the house and overheard a man threatening three people inside with a gun.

“The caller advised an individual was inside a residence,” Murphree added. “He was armed, indicated this individual had a drug history, had a violent history, did not live at the residence, and was threatening the homeowners.”

The Denton County Sheriff said the suspect, who has not yet been identified, entered the house uninvited through the garage.

He was looking for someone he had a previous relationship with, and was reportedly threatening their family members, but the person he was looking for wasn't there.

Witnesses also told authorities there had been a recent violent incident involving the suspect.

“She indicated to them when she saw the individual, he was sitting down. They thought that was a good opportunity. They didn't want to have any loss of innocent life. Those guys, I stand behind their call. They went in immediately to try to save lives, and in my opinion, they probably did,” Sheriff Murphree said.

When the two deputies entered the home, they identified themselves as deputies.

“The suspect pointed a shotgun, raised a shotgun, and pointed it in their direction. Officers immediately returned fire, striking the suspect, killing that suspect,” Murphree explained.

Authorities are still investigating how many shots were fired, and if the suspect ever fired.

Another weapon was also discovered in the suspect's car.

Each of the deputies involved have 4-5 years of experience on the force.

“They're pretty shaken up,” Murphree said. “It's not something they take lightly that a life was lost today. That's where my concern has been today, is with them. But they're unharmed, and I'm thankful for that.

Both deputies have been placed on administrative leave, which is normal procedure.

The Denton County Sheriff says this case will likely go to the grand jury.