Denton robbery suspect arrested in stranger's apartment

Denton police released new body camera footage Wednesday showing the arrest of a man wanted for multiple robberies who had barricaded himself inside a stranger’s apartment.

Police made the arrest on April 11 after a string of four robberies in Denton and Corinth.

Police said 32-year-old Marcus Lorenzo Jackson is the man recorded on surveillance video walking into a Subway restaurant. In an arrest warrant affidavit, police said Jackson wore a fake beard, a ball cap and sunglasses. Investigators said he poked the clerk with what turned out to be a tire tool wrapped in a rag.

About three hours after the robbery, Denton police found Jackson hiding inside the bathroom of a stranger’s apartment.

Before officers arrived, police said Jackson pounded on and crashed through the door, coming face-to-face with a terrified mother and her adult daughter. The mother called 9-1-1 and police arrived within minutes.

"He kept beating on it ‘til he broke it in I got my daughter and we ran out,” the mother said.

Body camera footage released Wednesday showed officers searching the apartment for Jackson.

An officer is heard saying, "I want you to open the door with nothing in your hands, out your hands up and walk out."

According to police, Jackson told them he had done drugs that night and thought people with rifles were chasing him. Police said he claimed he broke into the apartment to find shelter. He also told police he lived in an apartment upstairs.

An officer is heard on the body camera video asking Jackson to step out. After about one hour, Jackson surrendered unarmed.

"Marcus come on out. Come on out. Listen to me, look at me, step out, step out. She's not going to hurt you. Step out take a knee put your hands on top of your head, interlace fingers, turn around on your knees. April, who you've been talking to, is going to put handcuffs on you ok?"

"Yes sir," Jackson replied.

Police later learned Jackson was suspected in three other robberies at a gas station and two other Subway restaurants. Jackson has been charged with a total of four robberies in Denton and Corinth.