Military vet working on Memorial Day stabbed during gas station robbery in Denton

Three men were arrested after a military veteran working at a Denton gas station on Memorial Day was stabbed during a robbery.

Denton police say surveillance video from inside and outside the 7-Eleven gas station on Teasley Lane Monday captured the stabbing and the suspect vehicle as it took off. 

Newly released surveillance images show two masked men holding the military veteran working at the gas station at knifepoint in the early morning hours on Monday.

Investigators say 20-year-old Julian Bustillos was pictured with a blue mask. He’s seen with a glove in his left hand and a knife in his right hand. 

Police say Bustillos is the one who repeatedly stabbed the 62-year-old clerk, who has worked at the 7-Eleven for nearly a decade. 

20-year-old Ryan Alverez was captured on surveillance with his face covered and no shirt on.

According to police, Bustillos and Alvarez stole cash, vape products and a case of beer and left the clerk with multiple stab wounds to the stomach. 

Moments before the robbery, surveillance video caught the getaway driver, 20-year-old Edgar Cuevas, messing with the license plate. 

The three suspects took off in a dark-colored sedan. 

Wednesday morning, Denton police spotted the suspect vehicle, leading to the arrest of all three without incident. 

Bustillos, of Denton, was transferred from the Denton city jail to the Denton County jail on Thursday and now faces an aggravated robbery charge. 

According to public records, Alvarez, who is from Argyle, was arrested for driving while intoxicated in summer 2023. 

Cuevas, from Krum, also has a lengthy criminal history, including continuous violence against the family, violating bond and evading arrest. 

The store clerk is now out of the hospital and at home recovering.

Bustillos’s bond was set at $75,000. He remains in the Denton County jail.

Alvarez and Cuevas remain in the city jail. Their bonds have not been set yet. 


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