Denton diner with viral mask-wearing sign to close after two years

A diner that made headlines over its approach on masking is closing after two years.

Legends Diners in Denton will close Sunday amid multiple challenges, say owners Wayne and Kat LaCombe.

They said the number of COVID-19 cases is overwhelming and they've also struggled to hire people, a problem that's plagued restaurants across the country.    

In March 2021, the LaCombe's put a sign in the window that got attention on social media. It read: "Our new surcharge: $50 if I have to explain why masks are mandatory; $75 if I have to hear why you disagree."

"We wanted to put up something to let people know we were serious, but at the same time we wanted to do a little humor with it." Wayne LaCombe said. "It was taken fairly well. Of course some people don't understand what the humor in it was."

LaCombe said people did comply with the masking rule and business has been brisk since they announced their imminent closure.