‘Demon baby’: Parents’ terrifying baby monitor photo goes viral

When Elise Bannister went to check on her child with a newly purchased baby monitor, she was not prepared for the terrifying gaze that met her on the monitor’s screen.

The parents observed their baby staring directly at them through the monitor with glowing eyes reminiscent of something you might expect to see in a film like “Paranormal Activity.” 

“We got a new video baby monitor and I think that was a mistake,” tweeted Bannister.

The photograph prompted a response from hundreds of thousands of users posting memes of the image while inquiring as to what exactly was going on.

“Is your baby baptized? If so, might want to try it again, First time clearly didn’t take,” joked one user in response to the alarming image. 

“We did but it turned the water to blood, the priest started climbing up the walls, it was a whole thing,” responded Bannister in jest. 

Referring to their child as their “demon baby,” Bannister followed up on the original image with a question about a good noise generator app.

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“On a related note, does anyone have experience with a good noise generator app? Every one that I've tried so far is just layers of whispered chanting in Latin instead of white noise. It still puts Finn to sleep but I don't like it,” joked Bannister. 

Bannister tweeted appreciation for the humorous replies from everyone but still had to reiterate that it was not intended to be taken seriously, writing “A lot of people are giving me legit advice here, which I appreciate but this was a joke. I actually use Relaxio and it's really great.”