Defund the Police Block Party held in Downtown Dallas

Protesters are continuing to call for the defunding or reallocation of funding for the Dallas Police Department.

Some protesters met in Downtown Dallas Saturday for a Defund the Police Block Party.

Defunding is a word that scares some.

Some protesters said they don’t want to get rid of Dallas police, but they want to shift some of their funding for social services.

Dozens met at Belo Garden to talk about what they want changed.

People also spoke about their experiences with police.

One woman said she thinks resources should be moved to mental health, helping the homeless, and other social services.

“What we want is to take all of the reasons that we say we need the police, and actually put that money where those needs are. So social work, homes for the homeless people,” Radiance Bean said.

People at multiple protests since the death of George Floyd have called for the defunding of police.

Budget talks at city hall don’t officially start until August.

But this week, a majority of council members expressed some support to reallocating fund from DPD.