'Deep Ellum Strong' day held to boost morale following recent gun violence

Deep Ellum neighbors and business owners pulled together Saturday to show support for the community after some recent violent crimes.

They wanted to have a day of awareness called Deep Ellum Strong, hoping to boost morale following recent gun violence in Deep Ellum.

Vendors who depend on the Deep Ellum Market said revenue has drastically dropped in the last month. 

So businesses banded together to create this day of awareness to hopefully draw customers to Deep Ellum.

The most recent violence that made headlines was when five people were shot at the corner of Elm and Crowdus back on May 13. Two people died.

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Lance Brown, who works for multiple venues in Deep Ellum said a negative reputation of the neighborhood is spreading, but he’s hoping it will change. 

"It became a ghost town, which, obviously, there was a shooting that happened close by, so people stayed clear," he said. "But it’s not that bad of a place. There’s a few bad apples."

"A lot of the businesses are struggling to make one sale," vendor Amy Wheeler said.

Also this week, rapper T-Pain posted on social media he switched his concert venue from Deep Ellum to Grand Prairie, citing low ticket sales due to safety concerns.

This is taking place with summer starting.

Just last month, the Deep Ellum Foundation unveiled a new security plan, increasing visibility in response to recent late night violence. 

Also, Dallas police said violence is still happening after they increased the number of officers in plain clothes and in uniforms