Deep Ellum Arts Festival organizers brace for severe weather

With the threat of severe weather on Saturday, organizers of the Deep Ellum Arts Festival are taking extra steps to make sure the rain doesn’t ruin their event.

The festival's founder says he's not too concerned about the forecast. He says the streets have good drainage and the vendors know how to properly secure their tents. For now, the focus is on having fun.

The sun and crowds were out Friday for the first day of the 25th Annual Deep Ellum Arts Festival. But severe weather may put a damper on the weekend festivities.

Stephen Millard is the festival's executive producer. He’s keeping a close eye on the tricky forecast and is working in conjunction with the Dallas Police Department.

“We watch the weather like everyone else. This site is always prepared for weather. We monitor it all the time,” he said. “We shut it down if we get rain. We can be reopened in 30 minutes.”

Some 200 artists and vendors are making sure their tents are secure. Their pricey masterpieces are hanging inside.

Brandan Styles is a vendor who’s seen the dangers of severe weather first hand at another festival a few years back.

“One minute, his booth was there. And the next minute, a gust of wind came through and it was gone,” he recalled.

The hope is nothing like that will happen this weekend and people can enjoy the festival and all of the uniqueness that comes with it.

The festival opens at 11 a.m. Saturday. Organizers hope most of the bad weather will move through by then, but it doesn’t seem likely.