Deal or Dud: Meater Plus

Step up your summer barbeque with a smart thermometer.

No more slicing into those steaks on the grill to see how they're cooked. The Meater Plus alerts you to cooking temps.

Consumer Reporter Steve Noviello puts it to the Deal or Dud test.

From burgers to brisket, Brandon Hurtado has his backyard to thank for his blessings.

"I started as a backyard guy cooking for my family, my wife and kids," he said.

Now just a few short years later, there's a line out the door at lunchtime at Hurtado Barbeque in Arlington where he serves his signature "mexi-cue cuisine." He says consistency is key so he packages his own spices and is never too far from his meat thermometer. 

"You want to make sure your food is done before putting it out on someone's tray," he said.

That's why we asked him to help us put the Meater Plus to the Deal or Dud test.

The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled meat thermometer connects to your smartphone and alerts you when your protein is perfectly prepared.

Set up is simple. Just charge the Meater Plus in its carrying case and then pair it with your phone. The instructions indicate positioning is key and point to a small divot on the device

Once you program your desired temperature by selecting how you like your meat cooked, insert the Meater Plus from the side.

We double-check that temperature with Brandon's thermo-pin that he counts on every day.

While the burgers cook, we season some steaks with Hurtado's signature rub. Brandon's secret is to cover all sides and press the protein against the flat top for a nice char.

Confirm the temperature is accurate once when we first insert the Meater Plus. Once it tells us it's reached a perfect cooking temperature, it’s done.

"I'd say the Meater Plus is a deal," Brandon said.

Brandon also says rest is key. When you pull a protein from the grill, you need to give it time to relax and reconstitute its juices.

Hurtado's barbeque brisket sits for 10-14 hours in a warmer before it's served.