Deal or Dud: Chill Chest

You can forget the big heavy ice chest for your July 4 celebration. The makers of the Chill Chest say it can keep food frozen for 10 hours with no ice.

Consumer reporter Steve Noviello put it to the Deal or Dud test with help from DJ Clo from the Russ Martin Show.

“I have at home right now 15 different coolers… all different shapes and sizes,” DJ Clo said.

In the commercial, the Chill Chest is advertised to keep food cool for up to 10 hours thanks to its interwoven polypropylene design that traps cold in. It should be full for best results.

“It’s very light,” DJ Clo said.

Plus, it’s collapsible for easy storage. And it’s advertised to support 100 times its weight. The ice chest was able to support the DJ’s weight with no problem.

As per the instructions, Steve and DJ Clo packed it full of chilled and frozen foods for the ultimate test. They added ice cream and even a small container of ice to see if it would melt.

The instruction also said to fill all negative space with a towel, so that’s what they did.

Technically the commercial shows ice cream still frozen after six hours. So for the Deal or Dud test that’s when they check on things too.

“That looks pretty good,” DJ Clo said.

The top ice cream container was still solid, although a little soupy around the edges. The other half gallon was still frozen just like in the ad. It even survived the spoon test.

At 10 hours, the ice cream on the top was a little soupy and not quite frozen. But the container on the bottom again was still frozen.

“Wow!! Ten hours! I’m pretty impressed,” the DJ said.

Other things in the Chill Chest were also cold. Frozen foods were still frozen.

“I think it’s a deal!” DJ Clo said.

The Chill Chest costs about $30. You can save on shipping if you buy it locally from a store like Target.

And in addition to keeping things cold, the temperature lock technology is also said to keep hot foods hot.