DART: Security cameras where man was pushed under train weren't working

Finding the group that pushed a man under a DART train at a station has been made more difficult because DART PD says the security cameras at the station were out.

Dallas firefighters freed the man after he was trapped underneath a rail car at the Morrell Station Monday night in East Oak Cliff.

DART wants to speak to witnesses who were there Monday evening. Investigators are hoping to speak to the victim more at length.

There was unease among DART passengers Tuesday at the Morrell Station after a man says he was pushed onto the Blue Line tracks by a group of teens.

Investigators were on the scene Monday night after a 911 call during peak rush hour. Dallas Fire-Rescue used the jaws of life to lift the train car just enough to remove the injured man. His injuries to his lower body were not life-threatening.

A woman at the scene, who did not want her face shown or name used, told FOX 4 the group of teens were laughing as they ran away.

“When the train was going, it pushed him to the side and it sucked him under,” she said.

“He has told us that he was pushed,” said Dart Spokesman Morgan Lyons. “We have not been able to independently confirm that. We are trying to do that.”

DART says they’re hoping to talk to witnesses. He says the cameras inside the train may yield clues, But despite several cameras on the platform, they won’t be any help.

“All of our stations have cameras. Unfortunately, the cameras at Morrell weren’t working,” Lyons said. “That’s the only station where we’ve had a bit of a problem, so we are trying to make those repairs now.

Several riders told FOX 4 they generally don’t feel safe traveling on DART, particularly to and from the Morrell Station.

“There was attempts on me that I almost got robbed a couple of times,” said Jerry Anderson, a DART rider. “But the train pulled up, and I was able to jump on and get around it.”

DART says if it determines there was criminal activity, the case will be referred to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office.