Damage in Tarrant, Denton County after Tuesday's severe storms

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Downed trees in Denton

People in several North Texas neighborhoods are cleaning up after severe storms Tuesday evening caused damage to their homes.

The National Weather Service has already confirmed at least one tornado that touched down briefly in Denton near Texas Woman’s University. The damage was mostly downed trees.

Tarrant, Parker, Denton and Wise counties were all issued tornado warnings during the rush hour. A FOX 4 viewer shared a video that appeared to show a funnel cloud forming around 5 p.m. along Highway 199 near Eagle Mountain Lake.

There was damage on the lake’s east side near Harbor One Marina. One of the boat dock covers came down and another is missing some of its shingles. The NWS will survey the area Wednesday to see if it was indeed a tornado that caused the damage.

Several communities that were under tornado warnings are now dealing with wind damage.

Residents in a Denton neighborhood near Live Oak Street and Robinwood Lane said the severe weather was very hectic for about 15 minutes. Once everything calmed down, they walked outside to find dozens of downed trees and power lines.

The neighbors checked on one another to make sure everyone was okay, then grabbed their chainsaws and got to work trying to clear the roads.

One tree crashed down on a yellow Ford Mustang parked in a driveway. Another giant oak tree crashed to the ground. Had it fallen in the other direction, it would've crushed a home.

“Didn’t hear anything particularly loud or anything. Just a lot of wind noise,” Patrick McLeod said. “Then looked outside when the wind calmed down and saw that.”

Just a few miles away on Teasley Lane near Interstate 35-E, flash flooding caught drivers off guard. Several drivers tried to make it through the rising water, but one woman's car got stuck. A guy eating at a nearby restaurant carried her to dry land.

The water eventually subsidized and the road reopened to traffic. The woman’s car had to be towed away.

In Argyle, several homes flooded. The families there have dealt with flooding before but one person said it was worse than it has ever been.

“We usually have to sandbag our back porch every time it rains just to keep water from going into the house,” Erin Reed said.

Swift water rescue boats were towed to Skyline Drive and Valley View Court where the worst of the flooding was. Neighbors there said the water rose quickly and got up to a few feet in some areas.

No one had to be rescued but the crews had concerns about people getting in and out of their homes since the streets were flooded.

The NWS said it is planning on surveying other areas on Wednesday to confirm reported tornadoes. But that survey depends on the weather since there is a risk of severe weather again.

No injuries were reported.