Dallas Zoo welcomes baby warthog

The Dallas Zoo introduced the newest member of its animal family: a baby warthog named Tikiti.

Tikiti, which means watermelon in Swahili, was born on Feb. 17.

(Courtesy: Dallas Zoo)

The little girl was not as active as caretakers had hoped after birth, so a team at the Dallas Zoo has been providing her with around the clock care.

The zoo says that you may see Tikiti in the Giants of the Savanna habitat soon.

(Courtesy: Dallas Zoo)

Zoologists may be with her as she gets used to her new home.

Tikiti isn't the only new baby at the zoo.


Dallas Zoo announces new baby elephant's name

The 290-pound African elephant was born on Feb. 26 at 2:27 a.m.

An African elephant named Okubili was born on Feb. 26.

Okubili still is not making public appearances at the zoo.