Dallas Zoo, Fossil Rim baby giraffes named

Two new baby giraffes in North Texas have gotten their names.

The Dallas Zoo announced Tuesday that its new giraffe calf is named Kora.

The name comes from a national park in Kenya with a large giraffe population.

Baby Kora was born on March 19.

She and her mother Chrystal are doing well, according to the zoo.

You may spot Kora in the giraffe feed yard where she has made a few appearances.

In Glen Rose, the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is also celebrating the birth of four new baby giraffes.

The name of one of the calves was named by an online vote.


Fossil Rim wants you to pick the name of its baby giraffe

You have until Monday morning to vote online for your favorite

The winning choice, Maple.

The name was picked because of the large brown spots on the calf that they say look like maple leaves.

She joins new babies Waffle and Frizzy in the exhibit.

The four calf does not have a name at this time.