Dallas woman uses broken glass art to help others

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A Dallas artist is using broken glass to create works of art after it helped her become whole again after being broken.

This started as a sort of therapy for Anna Lou Curnes after she lost her sister to cancer.

Now, she's hoping it will bring the same kind of healing to others.

“After losing my sister, it’s all like, grief and healing, and this hope that something better was going to come, and that it was all going to make sense in the end," she said. "And that, just like I was taking these little pieces of glass to form a larger whole, that this was just part of my story.”

Ultimately, this helped her get past the grief, but she doesn't plan on stopping any time soon.

“It was how I worked through my grief. It really healed me, and then, once I was healed, I just kept making out of a celebration of what was happening.”

Curnes does free and commissioned glass artwork and she offers classes to small groups.

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