Dallas tornado victims balance finding basic necessities, having fun on Halloween

Some Dallas families displaced by an EF-3 tornado are finding other places to take their kids trick or treating Thursday night.

Organizers of an event at Bachman Lake Park in Northwest Dallas reached out to victims to make sure they had a place to go this holiday. Halloween comes as temperatures hit the freezing mark for the first time this year and parents are trying to balance having fun while finding basic necessities.

Itcel Martinez said it was terrifying as a tornado ripped the roof off of their Southwind Apartment in Northwest Dallas nearly two weeks ago. Then they had to leave all their belongings behind.

“We could only pick up the things we could and that's it,” said Itcel Martinez.

With freezing temperatures Thursday morning, Martinez was thankful to be able to come to a pop up tornado resource center put together by Buckner International.

“The sweaters, I was like oh my I need to buy sweaters for the kids,” Martinez said. “Today we got clothes for the kids. We didn't have nothing -- shoes for the kids, everything it was taken away.”

Buckner International’s Ricardo Brambila said 50-60 families in the Bachman Lake area were displaced by the tornado.

“When you lose everything in 20 seconds, it's hard to get back, especially if you live paycheck to paycheck,” Brambila said.

Martha Vega and her family are living in a hotel and usually go trick or treating in their neighborhood, but not this year.

“Most neighbors impacted, on corner still no lights,” Vega said.

Martinez is also planning to get some last minute costumes for her kids.

“So they can have a little fun, forget everything about what happened,” Martinez said.