Dallas police officers involved in fiery crash

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Seven people, including two Dallas officers, were hurt at the end of a police pursuit and fiery crash.

The Dallas Police Department said officers began following a stolen grey car around 9 a.m. Tuesday. The car sped away from the officers and hit a black pickup truck at the intersection of Marsh Lane and Townsend Drive.

Police said both vehicles flipped and burst into flames. The officers’ squad car also hit a white work truck and scattered debris all over the roadway.

Witnesses told FOX 4 one teenager jumped out of the burning car and was on the ground. Officers pulled the other dazed teen out and put them both in handcuffs.

Witnesses say the officers appeared injured and slightly disoriented when they jumped out of their squad car.

“Everyone was very worried,” said witness Mary Mock. “He was screaming and had his gun pulled, so everyone kind of figured it was more than just a car accident.”

Alvin Williams was driving down Marsh Lane when he saw the speeding car run the stop sign behind him, causing the horrific crash.

“Next thing you know, you saw him hit the truck and burst into flames,” Williams said. “And then all of a sudden, the police car emerged and hit the white truck. And the white truck rolled over into the northbound lanes, striking the back of my truck. It just kind of nudged me to the side.”

“He got out of the car with his gun drawn, and that’s how I knew it was going to be a big deal. So I got my brother and my mom back a little further,” said Mary Mock, who saw what happened. “They just started pulling people from cars and throwing them on the ground and putting people in handcuffs and trying to figure out who was this that and the other.”

Dallas Fire-Rescue said all seven injured people – the two teens in the car, two people in the black pickup, two officers and the driver of the work truck – have non-life-threatening injuries. They are expected to be okay.

Dallas police have not said what charges the two juvenile suspects will face.

Dallas PD has specific restrictions on chases. When asked if the officers were technically chasing the stolen car, a spokesman on scene used the term "following" the vehicle. Police said their investigation is still ongoing.