Dallas police kill 1 of 3 dogs that attacked, injured 2 people

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Dallas police say an officer shot and killed one of three dogs that attacked and injured two people.

Officers were called out just after 8:30 a.m. Saturday for an animal attack in the 1900 block of Gross Rd.

911 had received several calls about people being attacked by dogs.

When officers arrived on scene, they saw two people being attacked by Rottweilers.

One of the officers shot at the dogs, hitting one of them. That dog was killed by the gunfire. The second dog was injured and the third one was detained.

The two people who were being attacked were taken to Baylor Hospital, with what police are calling serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

"I heard something, I said, ‘What's happening?' Someone said, ‘Please help, please help!" said Maria Navarrete, who witnessed the attack

Navarrete says she was walking in her neighborhood near Ferguson Park on Gross Rd., when another neighbor warned her to stay away from the area because of three loose dogs.

Shortly after she got back home, she heard screams from a couple being attacked.

"The police tried, but the dog had the people in the arm, one in the arm and another in the foot," Navarrete said.

"Officers observed three large dogs attacking two individuals. There were several attempts to get the dogs off the individuals, but when that failed, one of our officers fired their weapon, striking the dogs," Dallas PD Senior Corporal Demarquis Black said.

Police say the dogs were rottweiler mixes.

One was killed, another injured, and the third was detained by animal services.

A neighbor got video of two of the dogs when they'd gotten out of the yard another time.

Dallas police are still investigating to see if there had been any prior calls about the dogs, but neighbors say they called about them being loose a few times before the attack happened. 

"I really feel really bad for what happened," the owner of the dogs said.

The owner of the dogs didn't want to be identified because he's afraid of possible retribution. He says the dogs are 2, 3, and 6 years old.

He's unsure how the dogs got out of his fenced-in yard, but believes they may have gone through a hole, which he showed police. 

He didn't even know the dogs were out until the police knocked on his door Saturday morning.

"They're not aggressive at all with a bunch of people, but the police told me when they get out in a pack, they act different," the owner said.

Police say this is still under investigation.

They're still trying to determine what charges, if any, the owner might face.