Dallas PETA Billboard: "Meat interrupts your sex life"

A new billboard in Dallas created by PETA says "Meat interrupts your sex life".

The billboard -- which is located on Interstate 35 at Hi Line Drive near downtown Dallas -- shows a cow lying in bed in between an upset-looking man and woman. It also contains the message, "Meat and dairy clog your arteries and can lead to erectile dysfunction."

"There's nothing sexy about animal suffering and clogged arteries," PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said. "PETA's cheeky billboard will have Dallas diners swapping that deadly date-night steak for a vibrant veggie burger in a heartbeat." 

The billboard was originally supposed to be put up by Trinity Groves, but the facility's media company rejected the campaign on behalf of the owner.

PETA has run similar billboards in North Carolina with a pig instead of a cow, and in Georgia with a chicken lying between the couple.