Dallas PD unveils new online crime reporting system for citizens

The Dallas Police Department presented a new online crime reporting system for the public at Monday’s Public Safety Committee meeting.

City councilman Adam McGough called Police Chief Renee Hall to appear in person to address the recent crime rate spike.

One of the proposals is to free up officers to tackle high-priority calls, by allowing the public to file police reports online.

The department is also adding a "crime reports" tab to its existing website and will officially roll it out next week. Once a report is submitted, the department reviews the report and assigns a detective to the case, or sends it back for corrections.

“It allows us to redeploy some of our officers to high priority crimes, also increases the opportunity for our officers to focus on crime prevention and community relationships, taking part in special operations,” said Maj. Israel Herrera.

Some crimes, like theft of property over $2,500 and family violence cannot be reported online.

McGough acknowledged the chief's efforts so far, but he says that there's still a public perception that criminals will not get caught and will not be prosecuted.