Dallas PD searching for suspects who rammed squad car into creek

Dallas police said Tuesday an officer knocked into a creek by a stolen pickup truck Monday afternoon is expected to make a full recovery.

Sr. Cpl. Dale Ordogne was hit by a stolen pickup truck in southwest Oak Cliff. The squad car bounced off the vehicle and slid down a 12-inch gas pipe that runs along the side of the bridge.

"He basically rode that over the creek.  At that point when the momentum stopped and lost its balance his vehicle then came off of that pipe falling 24 feet into the creek, on its roof,” said Albert Martinez, Southwest DPD Patrol Chief.

Nearly a dozen citizens ran down into the creek where they tried to break the windshield to rescue the officer -- but couldn't.

"There was smoke coming from the undercarriage of the vehicle, so at that time the decision was made by the officers and the citizens to flip the vehicle, the patrol car onto its wheels,” Martinez said.

Citizens and cops carried the 11-year veteran officer to the top of the creek bank where he could be rushed to the hospital.

"He's banged up.  He's in a lot of pain, but overall he's in good spirits, we're very thankful that he's alive, and he is too,” Martinez said.

Martinez was grateful for the rapid response of citizens.

"We the Dallas Police Department want to thank our citizens for what they did out there.  They came to us at a moment of crisis and at times we see the worst of humanity.  This is a moment when they showed us the best of humanity,” Martinez said.

Police are still trying to determine if they have any dash cam video or anything else that might lead them to the suspects. Police have only said the driver was a male. If anyone knows any of the four to six alleged suspects in the vehicle, they are asked to call Dallas police.