Dallas PD recommends felony charges against dog owner after couple attacked

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A couple attacked by a pack of dogs in June is taking legal action against the dog's owner for what they call negligence.

Esmeralda and Francisco Madrigal were walking around Ferguson Park on Gross Road when three dogs attacked them. Their attorney gave FOX 4 body camera footage from the police response.

The videos show officers yelling at the dogs trying to get them away from the couple. One officer eventually opened fire and killed one of the dogs.

Francisco had to be hospitalized in the ICU because of his injuries.

The Madrigal family's attorney says the evidence they've gathered shows a history of the dogs not being contained to their owner's property.

"Either one of them could have been killed," said attorney Brad Parker. "If it weren't for the Dallas Police Department showing up when they did, I have no doubt Mr. Madrigal would have died from his injuries."

Dallas police recommended a felony charge against the dogs' owner. The case is being reviewed by a grand jury.

The surviving dogs are no longer in his custody.