Dallas PD holds community event to help people find jobs, stop recent violence

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The Dallas Police Department held a community event in South Dallas Saturday morning to help stop the violence.

Police tried to bring some positives vibes to the city.

“This is a positive step,” said Shantina Henderson, who is a mother and civilian employee of the police department. “We need our kids out here to know there are jobs out here. There are positive steps that you can be taking."

Police hosted a job fair at the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center. There was also basketball and other games.

“This isn’t just a dog and pony show, we are not just going to come here and get jobs, and after today [nothing]. It is going to be continual,” said Sgt. Leroy Quigg, with DPD’s Gang Unit.

Police say that getting people employed can create a ripple effect to stopping crime.

“I think crime is due to lack of social economic conditions,” Quigg added. “We help people get jobs, trades, construction, plumbing. They can maintain a living and not go out, rob, steal, get involved in drugs, what have you.”

Henderson heard about the event and brought her children.

“I also think we need to have the parents involved too. First, it starts at home,” she said. “If the parents don’t know how to do it, it takes the community to help.”

“If you get 100 people today, that’s 100 people,” Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot said. “If you do it again in a few months, you will get more people. The more this becomes a regular event, the more people will show up and get the benefit of it.”

Police have said they are already planning another an event in September.