Dallas PD helping family of apartment manager murdered during robbery

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A Dallas police officer is closely following the investigation of the murder of someone he considers a friend.         

Manny Anzaldua was shot and killed during a robbery at the Far Northeast Dallas apartments where he was a manager. He was admired by the department for trying to help fight crime.

Police say the murder victim worked with them and helped them fight crime. Now, they’re trying to help him.

Perseverance is the word that comes to mind when Dallas Police Officer Bervin Smith thinks of Manny Anzaldua.

“He’s been a manager in our area for at least five years,” Smith said.

Anzaldua managed The Vineyards at Forest Edge Apartments at Forest Lane and Audelia Road in Far Northeast Dallas.

Smith says it’s admittedly a tough area. That’s how he got to know Anzaldua.

“He’s persevered and stayed in that area and has been a good contact for the police department as far as crime-related issues, outreach, et cetera,” Smith said. “So we want to show our support for him and his family.”

Police say that on last Thursday, at about 3 p.m., Anzaldua pulled into his parking spot at the complex and got out of his car. That’s when two men pointed a gun at him while trying to rob him and shot and killed him.

“Sadness, I guess. More than just another useless loss of life by some individuals who obviously don’t value life,” Smith said.

But Dallas police want Anzaldua’s family to know that they do value his life and his contributions to their efforts. The department is co-hosting a barbecue with the complex on Friday and to help pay funeral costs.

“It’s a good way of supporting the family and the people who work there. They’re really hurting,” Smith said. “Just show our support and let these guys know that we’re in this together.”

The fundraiser is at The Vineyards at Forest Edge apartment complex from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday. They’re asking for $10 from each person who comes.