Dallas officials monitor Trinity River for flash flood concerns

Amidst flooding concerns, the Dallas Flood Management Department announced Tuesday that it is watching the Trinity River very closely.

The Trinity River reached a moderate flood stage late Sunday night into Monday morning, but has come back down into the minor flood stage.

This flooding has occurred due to the on and off rain and the water that is subsequently released from full lakes upstream.

Crews have been working 24 hours a day looking for potential problems, checking levees, operating pump stations and pulling out trash and other debris that block the city's drainage systems.

"If we do not pay attention, that will create a backflow," said Dhruv Pandya of Trinity Watershed Management.

Backflow would cause flash flooding in nearby streets.

There are about 40 low-lying areas that already have special sensors installed that pick up on water on the road and activate warning signs.

The city warned that there are other spots that could see problems and cautioned drivers to stay clear of water on the roads.

The flood management crews have been working around the clock since May 8 and won't back off until the Trinity dips back below the flood stage and rain is out of the forecast.