Dallas Mavericks to pick 10th in 2023 NBA Draft

The Dallas Mavericks didn't win the lottery on Tuesday night, but did get to hold onto its first-round pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

The Mavericks were selected to pick 10th during the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday night, which was by far the most likely scenario for the team.

While the team wasn't incredibly lucky, it could have been worse. If the Mavs fell back to the 11th pick or later, it would have been sent to the New York Knicks as a part of the 2019 trade for Kristaps Porzingis. Unless the Mavs pick in the top 10 again the first rounder will go to the Knicks next year to complete the trade.

The Mavs had a slight shot at moving up to a top 4 pick in the draft, but the ping pong balls didn't bounce their way.

Dallas has never moved up in the history of the NBA Draft Lottery.

With the 10th pick the Mavericks could target Houston forward Jarace Walker, guard Cason Wallace from Richardson or Kansas guard Gradey Dick.

Many believe the Mavs could trade the pick.

The San Antonio Spurs were the lucky winner of the first overall pick, which will likely be French superstar Victor Wembanyama.

"I’m trying to win a ring ASAP," Wembanyama told ESPN after the lottery results. "So be ready."

Charlotte will pick second, Portland moved up to third, and Houston fell to fourth.

2023 NBA Draft Order

  1. San Antonio Spurs
  2. Charlotte Hornets
  3. Portland Trail Blazers
  4. Houston Rockets
  5. Detroit Pistons
  6. Orlando Magic
  7. Indiana Pacers
  8. Washington Wizards
  9. Utah Jazz
  10. Dallas Mavericks
  11. Orlando Magic (From Chicago)
  12. Oklahoma City Thunder
  13. Toronto Raptors
  14. New Orleans Pelicans
  15. Atlanta Hawks
  16. Utah Jazz (From Minnesota)
  17. Los Angeles Lakers
  18. Miami Heat
  19. Golden State Warriors
  20. Houston Rockets (From LA Clippers)
  21. Brooklyn Nets (From Phoenix)
  22. Brooklyn Nets
  23. Portland Trail Blazers (From New York)
  24. Sacramento Kings
  25. Memphis Grizzlies
  26. Indiana Pacers (From Cleveland)
  27. Charlotte Hornets (From Denver via New York and Oklahoma City)
  28. Utah Jazz (From Philadelphia via Brooklyn)
  29. Indiana Pacers (From Boston)
  30. LA Clippers (From Milawukee via Houston)

The Associated Press contributed to this report.