Dallas ISD welcomes more than 1,000 new teachers

The largest school district in North Texas is welcoming more than 1,000 new teachers this year.

The district is holding its annual new teacher academy in northeast Dallas Thursday to orient the teachers with the concepts of the district, the culture of the district and hopefully allow them to meet their future colleagues.

Sarah Bartley is one of the new Dallas ISD pre-k teachers. She explained her decision to move to the district.

"I have been in the private school world for a while. But I'm just a really strong believer in public education. And I had colleagues that I met at UNT that just were telling us the really exciting things about what DISD is doing in their early learning department. And I'm just really excited to come on board and just be a part of it. Excited to see everything they're doing here," she said.

The morning didn't start like a normal orientation. There was a live band with a warm breakfast and a meet-and-greet.

"Walking in this morning, it was bright and early and I'm thinking, ‘Am I going to a party?' You know, because there's music playing and everybody's having a great time. I just feel like all of the Dallas ISD people that were here welcoming me have been so accommodating and just so welcoming. So it has been fun," Bartley said.

Later in the day, the teachers will be moving to an auditorium to do more of the nitty-gritty orientation stuff as well as listen to Superintendent Michael Hinojosa and Dallas ISD Board President Justin Henry.

School in Dallas begins on Aug. 19.