Dallas ISD opens new facility for preschoolers

There is a unique new option for Dallas ISD families with preschoolers and it is the first of its kind for the district.

A facility completely dedicated to teaching 3 and 4-year-olds is on track to open in August and is located in the Dallas medical district.

From the exterior design to the concept of eating lunch, the new standalone pre-k center was built with the needs of the youngest students in mind.

Arlington Park Early Childhood Center is close to UT-Southwestern Medical Center and has six classrooms, a large multipurpose room and a full kitchen. There is no cafeteria and that is intentional to shape the student’s social skills while eating.

It will also have interactive technology, including voice-activated visual boards.

“We're a unique standalone pre-K school, so we're going to have things that are not like a regular elementary school would run, so I'm excited to see the uniqueness of it,” said assistant principal Maryann Rodriguez.

The new pre-k center can accommodate 162 preschoolers. Currently parents can apply for enrollment at DISD headquarters beginning the week of August 13.